Cad Conversion Services $7/hour
CAD drafting Services ...

CAD digitizing : US$ 7 per hour

CAD CONVERSION SERVICES PRICING * (Paper to CAD Conversion -- Low to Medium Density/Complexity )

A-Size (9 x 12)  $10
B-Size (12 x 18) $20
C-Size (18 x 24) $40
D-Size (24 x 36) $50
E-Size (36 x 44)  $75

The cad conversion is dimensionally correct, layered to your specifications, into accurate working drawings. The average price for a D size architectural drawing is $50 USD.

$8/Hour Architectural Rendering 3D-Renderings of architecture and Interior Design (Once we receive your files we will tell you the exact price for your project or you can optionally pay us $8/Hour)

All our drawings are precision redrafted by hand they all contain. We do not use cad conversion software and so No subsequent editing of our vector files is normally required.

* All prices listed above are based on architectural drawings only. On complex / high density drawings and other drawing types additional charges may apply. Density is defined as the amount of drawing content contained in the drawing. The prices and sizes listed above are for original-sized, non-reduced prints. If your drawing sheets have been reduced then the price for the original size of the drawing will be used.

Please request a firm quote in writing before issuing any purchase orders.
Please contact us for additional cad services pricing at or click here to request a free quote.


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